Sustainability Policy Statement

Transmission Analytics is entirely committed to advancing sustainability. We aim to promote good practices to reduce the amount of environmental impact we have as a company. Broader sustainability is an integral part of our professional management of this organization. Below are several aspects of how we achieve this in our company’s operations.

Environmental Aspects

  • Use of eco-friendly products/supplies
  • Energy saving devices
  • In office recycling program
  • Minimal use of paper
  • Work product developed and delivered electronically to minimize environmental impact/carbon footprint
  • Minimal required travel to limit environmental impact/carbon footprint
  • Telecommuting programs available to employees and encouraged by management
  • 90+% of our business is in support of the renewable generation (wind/solar/storage.)

Social Impact

  • Maintaining a safe work environment for all employees
  • Maintaining employee focused benefit programs
  • Program strategies to promote health and happiness in the workplace
  • Providing ecology-awareness programs
  • Education seminars and programs to further employee growth
  • Minimal required travel to limit impacts to employee personal lives
  • Gender equality in the workplace

Important Economic Outcomes

  • Cost savings that results in reducing the carbon footprint
  • Managing growth by building long-term strategies
  • Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy for all
  • Increase the share of renewable energy

We strive to integrate sustainability considerations into all of our business practices. Our company ensures that all staff are aware of our sustainability policies and are committed to improving and implementing them. We will review, annually report, and continue to upgrade our overall performance.