Generation Developer Services 

  • Dispatch Analysis
  • Interconnection Support
  • Siting/Screening
  • Project Risk Evaluations


Due Diligence

  • Independent Bankable Risk Analysis
  • Basis Differential Nodal Market Risk
  • Curtailment Risk
  • Overgeneration Risk


Investor Support

  • Underwriting Risk Analysis
  • Curtailment Risk Transaction Allocation
  • Overgeneration Risk Transaction Structure
  • 3rd Party Study Reviews





Energy markets in today's world are constantly changing with increasing diversity emerging in the types of resources (e.g., wind, solar and storage) joining natural gas, coal and nuclear generation. New resources are being sited at increasing distances from off-take and load resulting in an increased reliance on the availability of reliable transmission to deliver power to consumers. This increased reliance creates complex and changing transmission related risks requiring the expertise of experienced consultants using detailed analytical evaluation techniques to provide insight and assessment of potential risk factors.

Our consultants are industry experts and are relied upon by much of the  generation development community as well as the investment community (e.g., tax equity) to provide the highest quality of consulting insight in the industry today.

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