The PJM is an independent system operator managing electricity service to 65 million people in 13 States plus District of Columbia in the U.S. As the system operator, PJM is responsible for maintaining the reliability of the transmission system, balancing load and resources through management of generator dispatch schedules. PJM manages one of the world’s largest energy and operating reserves markets using security-constrained economic dispatch of generation. In addition, PJM performs financial settlement for the competitive wholesale bulk-power market in which it manages day-ahead market, real-time market, and financial transmission rights market. PJM is primarily responsible for facilitating the wholesale power trading within its operating territory and coordinating with neighboring systems.

Renewable Development in PJM

The renewable energy share of resource mix in PJM is steadily growing. The majority of generation queues in PJM are primarily made up of wind, solar, storage, wind/storage, solar/storage and natural gas fired generators. As of May 2020, there are more than 73 GW of solar and over 20 GW of wind in the PJM queue. The MW amount of storage is also steadily growing along with wind/storage and solar/storage. Most of the wind resources are located in Northern Illinois (windy city) followed by Ohio and Indiana while other locations enjoy some wind development. The majority of solar developments are in Virginia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania while there are some solar developments in other states as well.



Download PJM Feb2020 Queue Map