Jeremy Lin |  Director  |  PhD Drexel University

Jeremy Lin has been leading activities to help develop industry standards for the modeling/simulation of energy markets and due diligence for the past twenty years. Over the past year he has functioned as the independent transmission consultant for many solar and wind generation projects mainly in the Eastern Interconnect Market reaching financial close. He is a senior leader on a team of consultants preforming due diligence assessments providing services to banks/equity investors, developers, and utilities primarily focused on impacts of electric highvoltage transmission on clients’ financial, development, reliability, planning, and economic decisions related to generation and transmission assets.

Mr. Lin is consistently evolving the practices and processes to support the changing needs of equity investors, developers, utilities, and other stakeholders for issues of relevance to the industry. His knowledge of the energy markets has enabled him to develop investment grade energy market models and provide the best possible data/information to the client. He continues to transform complex technical information into components for making economic and riskbased decisions involving curtailment, congestion, due diligence, and market assessments for wholesale delivery using state-of-the-art tools such as Security Constrained Economic Dispatch (SCED) and load flow analysis.